Okadaï: the solidarity brand

The OKADAÏ solidarity brand was created to be a link between socially conscious companies that want to participate in different solidarity projects. The main goal of the corporate movement OKADAÏ is to raise funds for charity causes, with special attention for the most vulnerable groups of our society.


Nowadays we have focused all our OKADAÏ activities on the INTEHOS* foundation, a private non-profit institution that works on researching new cancer treatments and that helps improving the life quality of families and patients affected by this disease. 100% of the profits of these campaigns are entirely used to finance research projects of the foundation.


We would love for you to be a part of the Okadaï movement because with your small action you will become a great hero!

*INTHEOS: Investigational Therapeutics in Oncological Sciences – Private non-profit institution formed by a prestigious medical team specialized in the field of biomedical research and oncology.

Why the Okadaï name?

Okadaï comes from the scientific name of a marine Japanese sponge (Halichondria Okadaï), which has served to make great progresses in cancer treatment.

And the chamaleon?

Is the symbol of our campaign because is an animal that is able to change its color in order to adapt to its surroundings, according to its emotional state or even its health sate.