OKADAÏ the solidarity brand

OKADAÏ the solidarity brand is founded with the objective of being a link between companies with social conscience who want to participate in various solidarity projects. The main goal of the OKADAÏ movement is to collect funds for solidarity causes, giving special attention to the most vulnerable groups in our society.

Nowadays, the project we have been focusing on is INTHEOS, a non-profit private institution which works on the research of new therapies in the fight against cancer, with the aim to improve the quality of the families and patients’ life affected by this disease. The 100% of the money raised will go towards financing the investigation from the foundation.

We would like you to join the Okadaï movement, because with your small contribution you will become a big hero.

Logo Okadai solidary by actahotels


Okadaï comes from the scientific name for a Japanese sea sponge (Halichondria Okadaï) which has been used to make great progress in cancer treatments.

Logo Camaleón


The chameleon is the symbol of the campaign because it is a species of animal able to change its colour to adapt to its surroundings, depending on its mood or even its state of health.

If you want to know more about okadai contact us: okadai@actahotels.com

Companies Okadai movement:

Companies Okadai movement

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*INTHEOS: Investigational Therapeutics in Oncological Sciences – private nonprofit institution built by a prestigious medical team in biomedical research field in oncology.