In accordance with the new sanitary measures decreed by the Generalitat de Catalunya, to access the Hotel’s restaurant areas it is mandatory:

  • The complete vaccination schedule certificate or,
  • A PCR test receipt of less than 72 hours or
  • A Antigen test (diagnostic test certificate) of less than 48 hours or
  • A receipt of having passed the disease less than 6 months ago.

Children under 13 years of age are exempt from presenting the COVID certificate.

At Actahotels we constantly think about people’s happiness and well-being and now we believe it’s time to enjoy the thrill of travelling again.

Today, more than ever before, after all we’ve been through, we know that one of the things that most concerns you about travelling is your safety. This is why we’ve launched Feeling Safety by Actahotels, a comprehensive programme with preventive measures applicable to all our hotels, implementing the most stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols established by the health authorities to ensure that your stay at Actahotels is absolutely safe.


1. New cleaning and disinfection protocols

  • Disinfection and cleaning of rooms with disinfectant and virucidal products approved by the Ministry of Health.

  • More frequent disinfection of all the communal areas, paying particular attention to surfaces that are touched most often, including door handles, room keys, elevator buttons, etc.

  • Constant disinfection of the lift cabins.

  • Increased cleaning of risk areas, particularly the public toilets.

  • Installation of protective screens in critical locations.

  • Installation of disinfectant gel dispensers at all the entrances to the hotel and the communal areas.

  • All the textile materials will be handled with extreme care and washed in long cycles at over 60ºC using approved antiviral products.

2. Employee health and safety protocols

  • Temperature controls for all employees when they enter the workplace.

  • Compliance with social distancing measures by employees

  • Reception staff: If social distancing is not possible, they will be required to use a face mask and may also wear gloves on a voluntary basis.

  • Maintenance and floor staff: They will be required to wear face masks and gloves.

  • Protocol for frequent washing of hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution.

3. Social distancing rules

  • Measures to ensure social distancing between guests and between guests and the hotel staff.

  • Strict compliance with the social distancing measures implemented in all the areas.

  • Signage for queues and waiting areas to ensure social distancing.

  • Regulation of use of the lifts, with signs indicating the new permitted capacity.

  • Definition of the new capacities in the rooms open to the public, with instructions posted to guarantee social distancing.

4. Digitised services

  • A new online self check-in system. Guests can provide their data in comfort via their mobile devices prior to their arrival at the hotel.

  • Contactless check-in and payment at the hotel.

  • Guests can check out remotely.

  • Enhancement of our contactless payment systems.

5. PPE provided for guests

  • Face masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic solutions will be available to guests on request.

6. Adapted and specific catering protocols for each hotel.